AX - Error running Index Image Import - "Attempting to lock Appxtender application for update".

The following error message pops up when running Index Image Import:
"Attempting to lock Appxtender application for update."

If AX 7.0 or below is installed:
1.  Launch Application Generator from Windows "Start > Run" with the allowfixdbcollision switch:
     "C:\Program Files (x86)\XtenderSolutions\Content Management\AppGen32.exe" /allowfixdbcollision

2.  Log into Application Generator.

3.  Right-click the application affected application and choose "Fix Database Collision".

If AX 8.0 or newer is installed:
Access the database and query the ae_seq table.  If any of the appids in the table have a negative number, change it to a positive number.  For example, if the appid for application 1 is -1, change it to 1.

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