WF 16.3 - Workflow Manager Upgrade Wizard stuck on "Upgrading Repository Lists" after running WFM6.52-7.0SP1 Upgrade Manager1.bat.

While doing a migration/upgrade of workflow from 6.52 to 16.3, the upgrade gets stuck on "Upgrading Repository Lists" after running "WFM6.52-7.0SP1 Upgrade Manager1.bat".


The following error message also displays in the log console and event viewer:
Exception while Initialize for SqlDataHandler :System.Transactions.TransactionException: The operation is not valid for the state of the transaction.

Check the following:
- MSDTC settings are configured properly on the WF and DB servers.  Check the Local DTC properties in Component Services nad make sure the security is configured properly.
  • Network DTC Access​
  • ​Allow Inbound
  • Allow Outbound
  • Allow Remote Administrator
  • Allow Remote Clients
  • No Authentication Required
  • Enable XA Transaction
  • Enable SNA LU 6.2 Transaction

-  If MSDTC security is configured properly, make sure the "Distributed Transaction Coordinator" services are running on the WF and DB servers.
-  Download DTCPing and install it on the DB and WF servers.  Run it on both at the same time - if both servers are deployed from the same VM, they may have the same CID in which case you will have to uninstall/reinstall MSDTC on one of the servers so that they are different.

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