WX 8.1/16.3 - Failed to create rendering component - E_Fail error.

Error returned when rendering task:
Failed to create rendering component.

The render server has 2 COM+ components whose identities use the service credentials configured in AppXtender Admin > Server Management > Rendering Server > Service Credentials.

- Web Access Foreign File Convertor
- Web Access Image Convertor
When a COM+ component uses an identity, it loads the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry hive for that account.  If a separate process (such as a task configured in the Windows Task Scheduler) uses the same account, it may unload HKEY_CURRENT_USER when the process completes.  As a result, the COM+ Components will fail to read the Identity’s HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive and fail to initialize.

  1. Launch the Local Group Policy Editor.
    -  Click Windows and in the search start typing “group policy” it should find an entry for “Edit group policy”
  2. Under Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates > System > User Profiles.
  3. Double click on “Do not forcefully unload the users registry at user logoff”
  4. Click “Enabled”,  then click “OK”
You’ll need to reboot after making the change.

In addition to this, you’ll want to make sure your impersonation account has the local security policy right of “Log on as a batch job” from the local security policy on the render server. This especially helps if you’re running the render server as the impersonation account (also recommended).

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