New License Request for 8.1sp2 and Beyond

Versions: ApplicationXtender 6.5, 7.0, 7.1, 8.0, 8.1, 16.3.

Symptoms: When a user attempts to login to ApplicationXtender they receive an error “Unable to acquire a license”.
Possible Causes: 
1. Windows updates and restore of VM environment
2. Hardware profile change that alters the MAC address for an existing license
3. New license server
1. Ensure that the “Appxtender license server” service is started.
2. If the service is started and still having problems, then recycle the Application pool of the  website
3. If you are still having issues, generate a new hardware fingerprint license by opening a command prompt and  running “c:\program files\xtenderSolutions\license server\fingerprint.exe >Fingerprint.txt” from the license server directory.
4. Take a screenshot, or text output of the new fingerprint code and sent to
5. Receive the license file from metasource and place in the “c:\program files\xtenderSolutions\license server”
6. Rename the file that you received to “License.dat”
7. Restart the “Appxtender license server” service
8. Login to AX.

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