WX 8.X - How to Enable Render Logging

  This Article will walk you through the process to enable Verbose logging for ApplicationXtender 8.1 Render Server.
  1. Log into the ApplicationXtender Administration site.
  2. Navigate to the Monitoring section and select Rendering Server. See Figure 1 below.

  1. In the main window. Scroll down until you see LoggingEnabled. As shown in figure 2.

  1. Change the 0 to a 1. As shown in figure 3.

  1. Click the save option at the bottom of the screen to save the changes.
Now you will need to enable verbose logging within the configuration file for ApplicationXtender 8.1 Render Server.
  1. Locate the configuration file (WxRenderServerHost.exe.config). The default location is shown below. However, if you changed any of this information during installation the location may be different.
    1. C:\Program Files\XtenderSolutions\Content Management\Render Server\
  2. Open the configuration file and locate the <add key="EnableVerboseLog" value="false" /> node between <appSettings></appSettings>.
  3. Then change the value from false (figure 4) to true (figure 5).


  1. Save the file.
Now you will need to go and restart the Render Service to have the render server start logging.
It is not necessary to restart IIS, restart the website, or recycle the application pool. However, it is recommended that when you make changes to the web.config file that you restart the website to reflect the changes in real time.
*NOTE: IIS will see that the web.config file has changed and recycle the application pool automatically.
  1. Go to Services on the workstation.
  2. Find AppXtender Rendering Server.
  3. Right click on the service and select Restart.
Once the service has been restarted successfully. Logging will be enabled. The default location for the log is located at C:\temp\.

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