InputAccel 6 SP1 - ScanPlus not showing Close Batch

Captiva ScanPlus users are expriencing an issue where the Close Batch button is not displayed.  Users have to adjust the frames in the screen to display Close Batch button.  This is only an issue for new users on this workstation.  By toggling the "Restore Down\Maximize" button (next to red X close button) the screen is adjusted so that Close Batch is displayed.  However, this is just a temporary fix in that the next time ScanPlus is opened Close Batch will not be displayed.  The monitor resolution is the same for all users. 

Display properties>under advanced DPI was set to Large size (120 DPI).  Reset it to Normal size (96 DPI) and it fixed the issue.  Two of the end users have tried running Scan and the ├óΓé¼┼ôClose Batch├óΓé¼∩å¥ button is no longer covered. 

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