AIG Line Count Not Matching Waiting to Upload Stuck Documents

Documents from AIG may get stuck in waiting to upload because the XML is missing billing detail records.
To Diagnose: Lookup dcnNumber if you do not have it. If the documents were originally output withing the last 3 days, you can go to the C:\MetaSource\Bin\AIG\XML folder on DRPR-PP2 and search for the dcnNumber. Look at the attribute and make sure there is a matching number of line detail records. You can also look at the exception listed under the xml attribute. It should read something like "Exception: Error In SP. The bill line count in the recordtype H doesnt equal the lines received" Another method of verification is to look at tblAIG_Output_XMLHeader and view the same exception in the status_text field We need to re-export these records so that the XML gets generated successfully: 1. Disable AIG XMLUpload on DRPR-PP2 2. Disable AIG Output on DCS-SLC-PP2 3. Disable AIG Finalize Output on DCS-SLC-PP2 4. Delete records for affected documents from tblAIG_Output_XMLHeader 5. Delete records for affected documents from tblAIG_Output_XMLDetail 6. Set the 'err' field in tblAIG_Data to empty (Blank out 'err' field)  7. Restart tasks for steps 1-3

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