AX ReportXtender - Media Distribution 4.6.1 Viewer Problem

Customer can't run a RX 4.61 CD on Windows 7
The RxVeiwer install ran with problem, however, when running RX launch, it attempted to launch a Read Only version (AexRO32.exe) of v6.5 Doc Man and abnormally ended.RX 4.61 is not supported by EMC to run on Win 7. Use the 6.5 viewer to view the data on the 4.61 CDs. See additional notes below: I did the testing on the 4.61 vie

wer, install on Win XP and what happens when you start with new 6.5 cd's. Here is what I did and the results. 1. New XP workstation. Inserted 4.61 cd and installed the viewer. Works fine 2. Tried to launch the 4.61 viewer with the 6.5 cd. Login failed. 3. Installed the 6.5 viewer. It did, with no reference to the 4.61 viewer because they install to different paths. Was able to launch the cd in the 6.5 viewer. 4. Applied a patch to the 6.5 viewer, which is a reg update that forces the 6.5 viewer to launch quickly. You can get the patch from 5. Inserted the 4.61 cd and it launched in the 6.5 viewer and worked fine. 6. Removed the 4.61 viewer 7. Inserted my 4.61 cd. Was prompted to install the 4.61 viewer and canceled. Could NOT launch the 4.61 CD in the 6.5 viewer. Nothing happened. 8. Inserted my 6.5 cd and was prompted to install that viewer (something must have been removed when removing the 4.61 viewer) had the choice to Modify, Repair, or Remove. Selected repair. 9. Had to reapply the patch mentioned above. 6.5 cd launched fine in the 6.5 viewer. 10. Inserted the 4.61 cd and it launched fine in the 6.5 viewer.

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