How to collect DiskXtender MediaStor diagnostics for hardware problems

The following steps outline the process for collecting DiskXtender MediaStor diagnostics for hardware problems.

Run the DXDiagnostics while unformatted media is inserted.   Enable the following traces are enabled and send that along: DiskXtender: -Media Task ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£Format -Media Thread -Mount Logic MediaStor: -Drive Operations -Library Operations -Media Operations Additionally, run Bustrace when trying to format the media. Make sure you only select the scsi card that is being used to connect to the Jukebox, medium changer, and the drives. This will capture all the low level scsi/cdb being passed on the bus. You can download this utility from here:   Once this completes, save out the bustrace capture session along with the DXdiagnostics, and the traces.

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