ApplicationXtender 6.00.123 Patch 2225

This patch addresses the following issues: 1.      AX-22 AX Verity returns “There is not enough system sourcesâ€ error during OCR 2.      AX-89 Outlook Integration errors on imports of PDF files 3.      AX-114 Queue Manager does not work on 64-bit Windows 2008 4.      AX-115 Changing retention period in AX for a document fails with COM error 5.      AX-116 Status bar (bottom right) not showing the application selected 6.      AX-122 Search using wildcard (*) on index field with validation mask on does not work 7.      AX-132 Duplicate secure paths (with and without trailing backslash) when converting an existing patch in AppGen 8.      AX-141 WAV files that were originally imported in to AX 5.4 cause unhandled exception in AX 9.      AX-143 Handle CesFileClose function return value 10.  AX-146 Index Server service stops when user logs out of the machine 11.  AX-147 Non-Admin users have the ability to run DBCHECK from APPGEN 12.  AX-151 Cross Application Query incorrectly saved 13.  AX-156 QSP exported documents to Full Text will spawn 2 hung jobs when the index profile is configured with “batchâ€ type fields 14.  AX-159 The focus of the cursor when selecting the Text Annotation is set to Select Display as Icon instead of the text box 15.  AX-162 Documents under Retention cannot be submitted to Full Text 16.  AX-163 AX crashes when a PDF document is closed on Windows Vista 17.  AX-164 Running queries in DLS application created in DEMO DB results in error 18.  AX-165 Manual file retention on Spanish OS does not work 19.  AX-170 Columns are condensed and not showing the long index values in full 20.  AX-180 OCR a region and paste it in an index field results in words not readable 21.  AX-186 ScanFix settings do not exist 22.  AX-187 Image enhancement is causing “ScanFix COM errorâ€ 23.  AX-195 Inconsistent text search results between AX and WX 24.  AX-201 Custom Data Format for Date does not allow any index info to be added 25.  AX-205 When batch export from QSP to AX, it creates one BIN file for each page in the batch, but each of these BIN files will contain the entire batch worth of pages 26.  AX-206 Index Server fails if document is deleted 27.  AX-222 Images imported from read-only source, such as a CD, cause AX to return memory error when viewed 28.  AX-229 Decimal / Numeric read-only fields cause all indexes to be read-only 29.  AX-230 AX document with unique index keys set will allow duplicate index after it is under retention 30.  AX-236 The default / highlighted application is not listed on the status bar after logging in 31.  AX-242 AX SQL query causes full table scan due to no index on annote and annoid in ae_dl table 32.  AX-246 Cannot perform adhoc search on new PDF files 33.  AX-248 Unable to put documents under retention hold without a Centera license 34.  AX-477 Pages may not retrieve properly from Centera when more than 100 pages exist *************************************************************

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