How the new AX 6.5 embedded MS Office viewer works

The following documents the behavior of the AX embedded MS Office viewer. This information may be useful in situations where the customer's environment locks down access to certain directories.

When you open a word document in AX starting in version 6.5, as you are aware, it displays inside of Word inside of AX as it appears below.   You are now able to edit the office document natively inside of AX. In order for this to function, Document Manager saves a temporary copy of that document to the C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp directory.   It is has a naming convention along the line of ├óΓé¼┼ôAxV****.tmp.DOC. If you navigate to the directory while the document is open inside of AX, you will see this file in the temp directory with a word icon.   This is a temporary version of the Office document itself that can be opened directly in MS Word     It is the creation of this temp file itself that is central to the operation of editing and saving it inside of AX. When you attempt to edit it inside of AX, WINWORD.exe actually locks this tmp file directly for editing. If you were even to open this tmp.doc outside of AX from the temp directory and edit it, upon saving your changes you would be prompted in AX to either save as a new version or replace the existing version.

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