Procedures To Add Additional AX Index Servers On Additional Machines

Customer would like to install AX Index Server across multiple machines.

(Changes to Verity Collections)Share the Collection FolderCollection folder propertiesSharing tab:Add - “legatolicâ€ (Impersonation Account) and give “Full Controlâ€ permissionsSecurity tab:Add – “legatolicâ€ (Impersonation Account) and give “Full Controlâ€ permissionsChanges to the Verity Collection Path (Changing to UNC)The following changes need to be made for each Verity Collection. Perform the steps to one collectionand proceed through the steps before going to additional collections.Login to the K2 Dashboard – using the “legatolicâ€ account.Hi-light the Tree View “Serviceâ€ tabExpand the …_server1 node and hi-light the collection you want to work with.On the right side of the screen, under “Actionsâ€, select “Change Stateâ€.Select “Offlineâ€ and select the “Modifyâ€ button.Go back under “Actionsâ€, select “Detach Indexâ€ and then select the “Detachâ€ button.Choose “OKâ€ on the Perform a Quick Restart prompt.Hi-light the “Hostâ€ tab.Expand the “Indexesâ€ node and hi-light the collection.On the right side of the screen, under “Actionsâ€, select “Deregister Indexâ€.Click the “Deregisterâ€ button.Hi-light the “Serviceâ€ tab.Hi-light the …_server1 node.On the right side of the screen, under “Actionsâ€, select “Register and Attach Indexâ€.Enter the Index Alias (this is the collection name you just deregistered).Select “Collectionâ€ for the Index Type.Select the check box for “Override Default Pathâ€Enter the full path for this collection. (for example: \\EDMS1\coll\vhr)Click the “Registerâ€ button.Click “OKâ€ on the Perform a Quick Restart prompt.Confirm Your Changes To This CollectionUnder the Tree View “Serviceâ€ tab, hi-light the collection.On the right side of the screen at the bottom, look at the “Hosts:â€ information.You now should see the UNC path instead of a drive letter and the collection should be “Onlineâ€.Test – Verity Full-Text Searches On Existing Documents In CollectionPerform several full-text searches to confirm that you can query existing documents that are in the Full-Text collection.Test – Sending New Documents To Verity Full-TextSend several new documents to the existing Full-Text queue.Test – Verity Full-Text Searches On New DocumentsPerform full-text searches on the documents that were just sent to Full-Text collection.***After confirming that the changes to Verity are functioning, then perform the above steps to theremaining Verity collections and test.(Adding Additional Index Server)Authentication AccountAdd the authentication account “legatolicâ€ to the local administrator group of the new machine.Add Advanced Rights To The Local Security PolicyLocal Security Policy/User Rights Assignments: add authen account “legatolicâ€ to the following:Act as part of the operating systemAdjust memory quotas for a processAllow log on locallyLog on as a serviceReplace a process level tokenInstall Java (J2SE) SDK v1.4.2_19Install software.Install K2 Verity 5.5Run “vsetup.exeâ€. Install using the default choices. Leave the “Local System Accountâ€ selected for theVerity

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