Downloading, Installing, and configuring AppSight Blackbox

Need to install AppSight Blackbox

Download from: Black Box Extract zip to local hard drive. Run setup.exe Here are the instructions for running the Black Box.I have attached the AX blackbox 7.0 profile (.rpr) to this email. 1) Place the supplied .rpr file in the root of your C drive     - NOTE: Most rpr files can be found here, but EMC may provide problem specific ones to you based on the customer's problem.2) Navigate to your Windows Services. 3) Locate the APPSIGHT BLACK BOX SERVICE.  This is set to manual by default.  4) Open it and in the Start Parameters section, place the following string:     /rpr "c:\.rpr" /asl "c:\blackbox.asl" 5) Once you enter the string, please start the service. Immediately after restarting the service, please reproduce your issue quickly and stop the service when you are done.       - NOTE: Once the service is started, leave the service properties window, where you entered the Start Parameters, open while reproducing the problem. Closing this window will result in the Blackbox not capturing any data. 6) Send us the .asl file from the root of your C drive Please confirm that the version of Blackbox you have installed is 7.0 Check the properties of the file C:\Program Files\BMC Software\AppSight\Bin\BBxService.exe Look at the version tab, the version should be 7.0

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